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amanda Ling

     Amanda Ling is a South Carolina dance artist and educator striving to create accessible movement experiences and artistic installations in my community. She works as an Assistant Professor and Dance Program Chair at Columbia College. She is a collaborator within the Power Company Collaborative and currently serves on the SC Arts Commission Artist Services Committee. She has had the pleasure of sharing movement with many local dance programs, companies, studios, and theaters across the state. Her specialties lie within contemporary dance practice, improvisational methods, leadership, and feminism. She is inspired by and finds hope in the arts being a vehicle for positive social change.  


     She enjoys collaborating with a wide array of interdisciplinary artists and often find myself teaching workshops and seminars in K-12 institutions. I curated the Columbia Dance & Improvisation Festival from 2014 to 2018 and still facilitate site-based art performances at Columbia College. She feels fortunate to have recently traveled and presented alongside my Power Company colleagues in an installation for the 2019 Prague Quadrennial Formations exhibition in the Czech Republic. Amanda received an MFA in Dance from Arizona State University and a BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography from Columbia College, SC.    

     She movement research interweaves dance and ritual with imagery, improvisation, and experimental performance perspectives. Currently, she is working on a three-part solo project titled Ghosts: Conduit, Shadow, Ether. She is developing this project to become a personal performance and video installation to premiere later this year. She drafted a version of this work earlier this year with college dance students. Amanda looks forward to continuing this choreographic process and further investigating ideas, narratives, and traditions that surround the spirit realm, liminal space, and divine feminine energy.   

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