Martha Brim

     Martha Brim work has evolved through a developmental flux of revision and transmutation, beginning with formal training in visual arts and dance. Later influences of body/mind and somatic practices, decades of feminist theory, dabbles in neuroscience, a self-taught yodeling practice and many days of digging in the dirt, have led me to a fitting way of engaging my body, brain and spirit today on the planet.

     For 35 years Martha was a dance professor at Columbia College in South Carolina. There she joyfully nurtured multiple generations of dance students and artists, while developing her own unique artistry and supporting the work of other professionals as a presenter. 

     In 2000 Martha founded The Power Company, initially as a professional dance company in residence at Columbia College. Later rebranding by adding Collaborative to the name, PoCo became PoCoCo. Embracing the company’s mission of collaboration and inclusion more purposefully PoCoCo began producing large-scale performance installations with musicians, designers and artists as co-creators. 

     Having received numerous choreographic commissions, awards and professional recognitions, Martha has performed and presented my work internationally. One review described her work as “intelligently conceived… quirky, with shrewd, robust humor.”

She engages in creative projects with playful rigor teaching a broad-spectrum population from incarcerated youth and adults, to public school teachers and students, to senior adults to dance professionals. Empowerment through dance is the fundamental mission guiding every creative project she produces.

     Currently, Martha am using movement to interact with and respond to collected, found, and gifted materials. In this process she sees her work as a crusade unraveling unconscious prejudices and attitudes held in the body, like racism and the patriarchy.

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